Government in Action - State Orders Removal of Apiary


EnviroWatch, Inc, recently investigated information that a commercial Apiary (Bee Hives) was housed and maintained in Diamond Head State Monument without any financial benefit to the State of Hawaii.


We visited  the Monument and found that a commercial honey business consisting of forty to fifty beehives was being run in the back of the park on land zoned as P-1 Restricted Preservation in a State Park.   The business had been in existence for many years and is not in good shape.  The area around the hives is untidy, raising serious sanitary and health concerns. 


The condition of the bee hives raises safety and liability issues, such as the possibility of allergic reactions to bee stings by tourists and children playing in the area.

With further checking we found that the apiary was owned and operated by Mr. Michael Kliks,  “Manoa Honey Company”,  or the CTS Foundation of Manoa, Hawaii.  According to information obtained from the State Parks Division through the Uniform Information Practices Act, HRS Chapter 92F, Hawaii’s public records law, it appears that Mr. Kliks is conducting his business rent free and without a lease, permit, or formal written agreement.

During our investigation we were also informed by the State that the honey could not be sold,  but, while talking to  Mr. Kliks,  he  told us he was selling honey from the Diamond Head hives and operating the site as a commercial operation.

We requested the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of State Parks, look into commercial activity in the Monument and investigate any State employees who may have allowed the business to operate.  We also asked them to take steps to remove the hives since their placement in such a high use area exposed the State to liability.

We also asked the Division of State Parks to take the necessary steps to recover any monies that should have been paid the State for the fair market value of the land lease for the current and past years, and for the State to be reimbursed for any expenses incurred during the removal of the commercial beehives.


If you know of any other situations similar to this one we would appreciate hearing from you.  EnviroWatch, Inc. appreciates and applauds the corrective actions taken by the State Parks to remedy this situation.


We have attached the following background documents for your review:

  1. Letter from DLNR Division of State Parks to State Agriculture requesting opinion on the removal, benefit and negative impacts of removal.  The letter provides a background to the situation.
  2. Letter from Hawaii State Department of Agriculture rendering opinion on removal of Apiary.
  3. Letter to Michael Kliks, CTS Foundation, ordering removal of Apiary


Additional pictures of Apiary:

1.   Condition of property

2.    Condition of hive