TO:  EnviroWatch, Inc.                     Please print and mail this form
        P.O. Box 89-3062                       with your tax-deductible donation
        Mililani, HI   96789

Dear EnviroWatch, Inc.

We appreciate the work you are doing for the environment and would like to make a donation.  I have enclosed a check or money order and have made my selection of jewelry from the list below.   Please send  to:

Address: _____________________________________________________
City/ST/Cntry/Zip ______________________________________________
Email:  ______________________________________________________
If not residing in USA, please include $15 for shipping and handling.  Thank you.
   I am enclosing $35.   Please send me the earrings chosen below
   I am enclosing $50.   Please send me the bracelet chosen below
   I am enclosing $100.  Please send me both earrings and bracelet
   I am enclosing $150.  Please send me my own combination of charms on the earrings & bracelet
    I am enclosing an additional $_________ to help your organization

Choose your gift from the following list:

     Picture 1.   Hawaiian Turtle Symbol
       Picture 2.   African Elephant
    Picture 2.   African Rhino
       Picture 2.  African Elephant / Rhino combination
       Picture 3.   Dolphins
        Picture 4 .  Small Elephants
       Picture 5.  Small Manatees
     Picture 6.  Large Manatees
         Picture 7.  Large Turtles
BRACELETS              Circle  Size:    7"   or  8"        
    Picture 1.  Hawaiian Theme
    Picture 2.  African Theme
    Picture 3.  Dolphins
    Picture 4.  Small Elephants
    Picture 5.  Sharks & Manatees
    Picture 5.  Sharks only
    Picture 5.  Manatees only
    Picture 6.  Small Manatees
    Picture 7.  Turtles
MY DESIGN   choose your own combination of charms from those illustrated


Bracelet: maximum 5 charms: